A Visit at "Live Ready Now"

It is amazing what all can be found within an hour's drive of Sarasota to whet my "Back Woodsy Roots". Piddling around with plants, with seeds, with natural homemade fertilizers, in looking around of what is available and what can I do with the things that are within my reach. But these chapters of my life came to an end when I chose to move out of Cookeville TN in 1996.

I now live in Sarasota Florida and I am at home here, but I do enjoy visiting places like Crowley Museum  . Yesterday afternoon I visited another very interesting place, "Live Ready Now" with Nancy Ebersole Good. Below are a few pictures of what I captured during our visit.
 The master called the horses and they quit whatever they were doing and walked back into the barnyard.

 This is their best watchdog except it is a fowl. This bird also escorted us out the drive. (And I am telling the truth.)

 Picking a mixture of salad greens in their herb garden for their Sunday meal. Unless they ate the salad Saturday evening.

 Triple tier planter from old galvanized tubs and buckets.

 Pumping fresh water from the shallow well they drilled. 

 My view into the barnyard.

 Little Farmer Boy hauling water to irrigate the trees or shrubs recently planted.
 Took one last shot of the wheelbarrow and bale of hay before we were escorted out the drive by the Guinea fowl.
 I did some longhorn bull shooting with my camera on the way back to the city.

 I can't imagine walking around with such big horns growing out of my head. Are these horns for protection or just for the looks of who can grow the greats horns? Stupid question.

 We scared off four deer. 

 Another bull on which carries his own water tank.

 A family of Sandhill Cranes walking in the direction of Sarasota.


  1. How far is this farm from Pinecraft ? Van Shteffy

  2. Enjoyed your blog today Katie.

    A small park close to Gainsville you might enjoy.....Dudley Farm. Well worth the visit.....probly about a 4 hour drive north from where you are though....

    1. I just now checked out the Dudley Farm and it interests me greatly.

  3. If you come this way, let me no Katie!

  4. It's fun seeing pictures of our homestead on your blog. Come back any time! :)

    1. Thank you Rose Petal. We really enjoyed our visit with you all. I will probably be back again.

  5. I lol twice in this blog. Your to cute. Miss you!

  6. What a great group of photos and comments. You always get a chuckle out of me.

    I especially like the guinea hen escort.


  7. I don't know much about blogs or websites, but I went to blogger and did what was required to get this blog up and going. That is all I know.


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