The Beauty of a Storm

I saw this storm coming before I even left the house tonight, but I was determined to get out of the house and go biking in the cool of the evening, although it hadn't cooled off yet. Today the temperature was 91 degree, but the feel was 109. So common sense people who don't have jobs stay inside as much as possible during the heat of the day. 

So I went out and watched the storm coming in from Big Olaf. Once it started sprinkling I crossed the street and settled under the roof of the Deli.

 Somewhere in this roiling clouds I saw a faint rainbow. So I knew God remembers His promise never to destroy the earth again with a flood. 

Also being my father's daughter I love watching summer storms from the safety of an open porch. I remember many a times we quit working or playing and gather on the open porch to watch these storms. 

 Out of the storm clouds the wind came along with the rain before the sun had time to set..

 And so the sun just continued to shine in spite of the pouring rains. It was absolutely the most beautiful sight. I sat under the safety of the roof in awe.

 Then the sun hid behind the rain. 

 A few people on foot were caught in the rain. This might be a homeless man and wondered where he is going to spend the night? Sleeping under the bridges in Pinecraft is out of the question. 

I thought the rains won't last long, but I was mistaken for every now and then the wind kept changing directions. The rain first came out of the east. In this photo the wind is coming from the west and brought the rain and all the thunder and lightening straight back over Pinecraft. Some of the lightening bolts were near, but I reminded myself that as long as I can see the lightening and hear the thunder I haven't been struck by lightening. And then the storm came from the south for the wind had turned. I was not wet but I was cold. I could almost see it whip around from the north and get cold, maybe even hail. 

But then the rain slacked off to a drizzle while the thundering got louder and lightening flashed again and I thought it is now or never so I took off for home as fast as my pedals could turn the wheels. I made it into the house before the last mini shower finished up the rain.

But I have no regrets sitting under the Deli's roof for an hour in this storm.


  1. Sounds wonderful to me. G-R-E-A-T pictures!!

  2. Katie... I have spent the last several mornings reading your blog and admiring your amazing photos. Pinecraft looks like a wonderful community just down the road from us and I sure am looking forward to visiting next week while I am on vacation. My husband is looking forward to the Yoder Pies.. I'm not Amish, but since I visited Lancaster County several years ago, I have been interested in learning more about their way of life..

    1. I am sure you realize Pinecraft is a Ghost Town during the summer as far as the amount of people here. But that doesn't change the local good food at Yoder's and Der Dutchman's.

  3. Great photo's Katie!

    Wanted to ask you another question if you don't mind. How is July 4th celebrated amongst the Amish? Do all get together to celebrate minus the fireworks?? Would be interesting in hearing about how other holidays are spent as well and how celebrated!

    1. I don't know how the Amish celebrate July 4th. While I was Amish we did nothing. It was just another day...

  4. Awesome storm. My mother always loved thunder storms which is why I think I do. There was no expression of fear from her, just a wonder of the mighty power of nature. We would gather on the couch in front of the big picture window and watch in delight.
    As an adult, when there's a particularly loud crash of thunder, one which rattles the walls, I feel that burst of excitement and a childlike fear jumping around in my stomach. It's like God's saying, "This is how powerful I am." Whew, glad I'm his daughter.



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