Nokomis Beach

 Instructions before entering the beach.

 We were hoping for a beautiful sun set in front of us and the super moon behind us. We got neither but it was a beautiful evening spend on Nokomis Beach.
 The Jetty off to the left where people were fishing or whatever. Jerry saw a Manatee or two. We also saw Dolphins.
 Janet started singing, "Peter, James and John had a little sailboat..." Sights trigger memories.

 Janet Oberholtzer

 Watching the clouds change formation put us in a state of dream world...

 Jerry Oberholtzer dreaming...

 Nancy Ebersol Good patiently waiting for that bolt of lightening with her video camera.

 The rain coming in from the west. It was time to pick up and leave for everybody had left the beach except one other person.

One last look backward through the high grass.


  1. I love seeing the beach through your eyes. Is Nokomis the good shelling beach?

    1. We didn't go shelling. So I don't know

    2. We visited Siesta Key in 1985 and went to Nokomis Beach to look for sea shells. Venice for shark's teeth, Nokomis for shells. Here's a link: Have fun!


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