Tropical Storm Andrea

 The rains at mid-morning. I had resigned myself to stay inside all day because I expected it to rain all day.

 But sometime this afternoon the rains quit, that is until I was out biking around at 6 PM or so. I was chased  home and soon after I had the bike locked up and planned on staying inside, the rain quit. At dusk I decided to take one good bike ride to get exercise and fresh air. 

 The Port-a-John on its back is the only damage I could find. I had to wonder who is responsible to upright this Port-a-John, the Port-a-John people or the carpenters? 

After my second bike ride I sat on my front porch until it was cold and dark. But I did get my exercise and fresh air and will probably sleep well.


  1. These pictures look like somebody painted them. How do you do that? They look VERY nice!! Glad you didn't get washed away in the storm.

  2. I use iPiccy to edit these photos.

  3. You're a storm chaser! :) Thanks for the interesting pictures.


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