The Ringling Museum of Art

 I am guessing for the last eight years I have been wanting to visit The Ringling Museum of Art. Today we finally went. A few years ago I visited Mable's Rose Garden with Barbara Beiler. The roses were in bloom and it was truly beautiful. 

 We took an inviting path through a wooden area because it was too inviting not to meander onto those paths.
 Flowers at the base of the Banyan trees.

 All along the foot path were various statues. This was my favorite, most cheerful one.

 Real Bull riding

 Inside the Art Museum. This piece of art was one of the first that caught our eye. It was also one of the oldest pieces.

 Picking a splinted out of his foot. He has been at it for hundreds' of years.

 This writing belongs to the following painting.
 Getting Lot out of Sodom.

 The bust of a powerful man. He reminds me of someone that I can't place my finger on. 

 The side view. He represents power, manipulative power. He is not the first man with this kind of power, nor will he be the last man...

This is the entrance and the exit.

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