Pinecraft Buildings

 The Pinecraft Amish Church

 The Tourist Mennonite Church

 The Clubhouse at Miller's Trailer Park 
(Maybe they call it something else.)

 The back door of the apartment I stayed in of my very first winter in Pinecraft, which was ten years ago in Miller's Trailer Court.

 A house on Birky Street. I took a shot at it as I expect one of these days it will be no more.

 Yoder's Amish Village
On the left is the Gift Shop,
on the right the restaurant. 

Yoder's Fresh Market 
This is the Deli and on the other end is the fresh produce. I didn't get a picture of it tonight as there is no fresh produce on the outside.

Tonight was a good time to take all of these shots except the Amish Church just as the sun was setting. The lighting was just right.


  1. Katie: To avoid confusion, could you call it the "Beachy" Amish church, since the old older do not meet in church buildings but in houses?

    1. I am sorry but I can not call this the Beachy Amish church, because it is not the Beachy Amish church. This is the Pinecraft Amish church. Some Amish have church buildings like Guthrie KY, Somerset PA, just to name a few. I have attended Amish church service in both of these places and the people are very, very Amish and they have church buildings.

  2. (Ha, ha, stand your ground, dear!) Lovely, lovely photos.


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