Under the Ringling Bridge

 Last week had been a rainy week, so I spent a lot of time inside or running for cover to avoid getting wet. So last evening it was time to get out and we went to see the underside of  The Ringling Bridge. The little Gecko was the first thing to greet me and made me feel at home.

 We drove over the bridge and turned right at the first street light. Beings we left home around 5 pm, we had most of the parking lot to ourselves.

 These shrubs etc are blocking the street, coming off the bridge.
 Sort of the first look under the bridge. 

 It was Sunday afternoon and some people were still dressed in their Sunday best. Under the bridge are park benches and by appearance good fishing. 

 And good fishing in the bay, plus the Pelicans waiting and resting. They live the life of a pelican.

 I don't know what kind of tree this is. The leaves look like the Mimosa, but the wild Mimosa I knew in Tennessee were in purple.

 Another fishing boat with children sitting on the edge.
This is the favorite spot for the Pelicans to fish. I never tire of watching them come in, skim the water and make a quick dive. Most of the time they came up with a fish.

 The clouds move in from the east while the sun was lowering in the west. We sat facing North, so we had the view from the east and west.

 Watching the clouds changing minute by minute...

 and getting darker in the east over the city.

 Fossils at my feet.

The LaBARGE on its Sunset Cruise. 

 The West

 Catching a snack.

 Canoeing into the Sunset.

 Last evening I realized how blessed I am to live only a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico. 

The last rays of sun bringing out the color of the high-rise buildings. 
The lights under the bridge went on. They look green.
and then yellow, orange, red and blue. But when we went back under the bridge to take a good look at the lights, every last one of them was white more or less.


  1. Katie , I think the trees with beautiful red bloom are Royal Poinciana. Your pics are wonderful. xoxo Permelia Ehle.

  2. Great pictures of your adventures. Van Shteffy

  3. Katie, these pictures are stunningly beautiful.

  4. Great pictures Miz Katie. I felt like I was right there with you and you are right you are Blessed to live near the Gulf and such beauty!

  5. Katie,

    Enjoyed your photo's. Thanks for sharing.

    Do you ever get to visit other parts of Florida??

    1. Yes, I have visited other parts in Florida too like the Everglades etc.

  6. Katie,

    Thanks for your quick reply.

    Another question....I noticed when the busses arrive/depart and in many photo's you have posted, pictures of Amish with their faces. Is this because they are in Florida? What about when they return home?


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