The Melard Bus Leaves

 The Melard bus arrives in Pinecraft Saturday morning in time for breakfast and leaves Monday at noon. The driver with the first passenger to arrive to go north. He is a Snow Bird that is going up home for a wedding with intentions of returning again to do more Snow Birding in Pinecraft.

 Paul Smucker on the bike is transporting luggage for others who are also going north.

 The lady in the middle is my landlord's wife Anna Fisher. They were down here for a week to do some fixing in the house.

 Either Paul wanted to buy the black hat or else the black hat man offered to sell it, is part of the conversation I picked up.

 That piece of Sugarcane is going up north purchased by one or Ruth's granddaughters.
 And suddenly this string of girls walked up each pulling luggage.

 Today was a very good a very good time to watch the Melard bus load and leave. The parking lot wasn't crowded and yet there were enough people to make good photos shots.

And the "Good Byes" always come last.

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