Cafe Evergreen in Nokomis FL

Janet Oberholtzer found Cafe Evergreen in Nokomis, a few miles from her home. It is a delightful place to eat healthy and a good place to fellowship.

The four of us made plans to do just that, eat healthy and fellowship. Wilma Fisher from Franklin County Pennsylvania is here for a week or so, Nancy Ebersol Good and Janet Oberholtzer.

 We started off slowly with a platter of roasted cauliflower. Actually we were first served a plate of steamed Soybeans in the pods sprinkled with seasoning. We had to take each pod by the upper end and stick it in our mouth to get the seasoning taste, then we would squeeze the pod with our tongue until the soybeans slid out of the pod.

I really tried to get this sweet Granny sucking on a pod but my camera was always a bit too late to get her in the act. She does have a pod in her fingers ready to be sucked out and eaten.

 I ordered Russian Brosch Soup. This was delicious and it's health benefits are to detox the liver. 
 For dessert Janet got frozen Yogurt.
 Nancy had chocolate cake made without flour.

 Wilma had Cheese Cake.

 I had a taste of each dessert.

 In the lower story of the building they have a mini market, with fresh produce, baked goods and Hula Hoops made by one of the employees. Janet is Hula Hooping. 
 Nancy with some practice Hula Hooped too.

Another of their employees crochets earrings. 

This is very much a "Down Home" place and I highly recommend.

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