After being cooped up in the house for three days, spend most of the day outside. It was a balmy 80+ degree day. Every now and then I saw Snow Birds sweating. I just grinned and continued my biking. So these are a few pictures I took throughout the day.

 Cleaning and spading their flower beds.

 Mel Shetler and his wife from Plain City Ohio. He knows all about "Putchtown" in the hills of Holmes County. Putchtown is now Charm Ohio. Putch means Pinch, like a pinch of salt. And in my dad's time Charm was called Putchtown because there was just a pinch of homes nestled deep in the hills of Holmes county. 
 One of my Pinecraft postcards framed. I think it makes for a beautiful picture, especially with this frame. Thank you Luella Eigsti.

 John Troyer taking a tractor ride.

 Sweet Katie Beiler on a bike ride with her daughter Anna Mary Stoltzfus.

I love seeing Annie's paws and claws resting on Erma's arm.

The end of a beautiful warm day.

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  1. Ah, what fun to see Mel and Martha...I worked with Martha at Hudson Memorial Nursing Home in El Dorado back in the 60's. ~ Hossie



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