Goshen Group @ Pinecraft

 Yesterday was a public meeting with the Goshen Group at the Pinecraft Park. Their website is: www.pinecraft.weebly.com . Here are a few pictures of the people interacting and present yesterday's meeting. 

Plans are to meet every Monday at 2 PM at the Pinecraft Park until the end of March. A Steering Committee of eleven men from various area of the Plain People have been appointed by their own to be on this Steering Committee.  

Norm Kauffmann is visiting with Bill Miller and Marvin Miller, both men have Bike Shops in Pinecraft.

 Looking at or trying to determine what is Pinecraft as far as landowners are concerned.

 Orley Miller with Niles Graber Miller.

 Thomas Peachey and Ora Yoder with Fred Hershberger.

 More visiting and sharing with Fred, who is on the Steering Committee.

After the Goshen Group left, more men came to discuss the Pinecraft map. This is perfectly normal and perfectly okay as this is why there is a Steering Committee in Pinecraft. I never realized what a Steering Committee's role is until yesterday. They stand in the middle of two groups of people with supposedly opposing ideas and opinions of what is best for a certain situation. In other words they take the brunt like a sponge and hand it to the opposing team. 

Next Meeting is scheduled for Monday, January 20, 2014 @ 2 PM at the Park. The public is welcome to attend.

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