Christmas Vacation is History

Today a total of nine buses from Pinecraft left for the cold north. Eight of these buses went directly to Indiana. But vacation is over and it is time to get back on their routines of work and school. So it doesn't matter how cold it is up north, it is time to go home. Pioneer Trails left with five buses. This is the only shot I could get with all five in one picture.

 A pickup load of luggage and passengers.

Two huge suitcases. Probably His & Her.

 Two same suitcases.

 Checking out the seating arrangements. This way everyone knows where their assigned seat is on each bus. Families are grouped together.
 Child size suitcases for children. I can just imagine how grown up they feel once they can tote their own luggage.
 Mothers and babies.

 Last minute visiting before boarding the buses. 

 Two girls, look at their feet.

 And two more girls step in to look.

 Adorable. I asked the boy what his name is? He held up three fingers and said, "Shree". 

 This girl tried to take too big a load, so others offered to help her carry her stuff.

 As soon as each bus has their passengers loaded, they leave. The first bus is pulling out. 

The two weeks of Christmas are my best for taking pictures of the children. All winter long there are a few children in Pinecraft but at Christmas it is loaded.


  1. You are an artist Katie. I enjoy your vision and perspective.

  2. Those buses are going to be driving north into a winter storm. I live about 90 miles from Shipshewanna, Indiana. We are supposed to get 8 to 12 inches of snow tomorrow. Plus the high temperature is going to be below zero Tuesday.

  3. loved the photos..surprised at some of the bright colors on some of the girls dresses

    1. I guess the Amish are not a drab over all are not a drab culture.



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