Out of the Fog

 During normal daylight hours it is hard to find a slot to do laundry at the Laundromat without bumping into everyone else. I discovered that early in the morning, before 7am is a good time to get it done. I don't do laundry until I absolutely have to, but there always is a time when it has to be done. This morning was such a time. So I got up early to do my washing at home for I have a washer but not a dryer. I made it over to the Laundromat while there were plenty of dryers not in use. After getting the dryer spinning I took off for the park for it was a beautiful morning shrouded in fog.

East on Bimini

 Great Blue Herons down by the creek.

 A group of six walked out of the fog into the park.

 On Fry heading back to the Laundromat. Levi Jones is at a distance.

 Getting closer...

 and closer. I think he is 99 years old.

The last foggy shot at the Laundromat.


  1. Wonderful blog and pictures, Katie!

  2. :)
    I saw my Daudy!! Love this pix!! Wanted my mom and dad to find you and chat while they were there...wonder if they did. Haven't heard yet from them.

  3. A couple was with Levi, which I am assuming is one of his children. They were Amish.

  4. My parents were with him last week but they are not Amish anymore. So must be some other of the kids. He's never down there without a passel of family to make sure he minds his P's and Q's...or whatever!

    1. I love your comment of his P's and Q's. There is another old man down here that I tell him to behave every now and then. He is from the same tribe your Grandpa is.



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