Tractor Cab/Solar Buggy

 This tractor made his second trip to Florida from Ontario. The couple, Lloyd Dittmer and his wife use this tractor to haul their camper down to Florida and stay in Tampa.. But now and them they make a trip to Sarasota. Obviously this tractor was their mode of transportation today when they came to dine at Yoder's. 
 A year ago Ernie Bontrager had done a YouTube on the tractor and so the couple wanted to meet Ernie in person.Larry was going to give them a buggy ride, so both men are waiting for the couple to finish eating. 

 In the meantime Larry left to do something else and this worker came out of the Deli, because she remembered a truck like this as a child and she wanted to hear that air horn blaring or tooting or whatever. So sh kept her eye on that truck, less she miss the owner. Interestingly Lloyd Dittmer let her blowing the horn.

Later tonight I met the couple at the Park where John Schmid was singing. Interesting the woman could understand John Schmid's Dutch singing as her parents were horse and buggy Mennonites at St Jacobs Ontario.

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