Sunday Afternoon in Pinecraft

Wayne and Fran Miller from Miller's Trailer Park are out on a Sunday afternoon ride in their 1902 Oldsmobile. It took Wayne two years to make this car. It runs on a lawn mower motor.

I stepped outside of my house with the intentions of going on a bike ride just as they turned onto Schrock Street and so we visited for a while.

They Kylie decided she wants to try on my hat.

Next Kylie decided Leila should wear the hat. I am not the grandma of these two girls, but a great-aunt. They are going to be posted on my blog every now and then, especially now that they live neighbors to me.

Later I biked down to the park and like usual on a Sunday afternoon there were people down by the creek fishing. One fisherman got tired and so he came up to the car and all I see is his feet. One foot is sticking out of the window, propped on a pillow and the other foot is resting on his shoe. I am assuming this man is very comfortable.

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  1. Since im a car nut i really enjoyed that homemade Oldsmobile, and it looks like they did a great job building it. Im sure it a very big hit in Pinecraft! Richard



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