SOS - Save Our Seabirds

Every Tuesday morning from 10AM-12 noon Carl and Gertie Mc Clure volunteer at the local bird sanctuary. Their job is to greet the people at the entrance and tell them a bit about the place. This is Carl talking and welcoming them in.

In the meantime since they were not having a busy day Gertie not only gave me a tour, she also walked with me all through the huge public park near-by.

This is the backside of the building where the bird hospital is and the  injured birds are brought in. They operate on the birds and keep them until they are ready to be released into the wilds again. If they never are able to be on their own again, they keep and protect them indefinitely.  

This is a plaque to the founder of this bird hospital. click on photo to read the inscription.

Most of these birds got caught in fishing hooks and lines, or even by throwing them fish to eat.

Male and female Muted Swans

A view of the bay from the park.

And almost tame wildlife at the park

Boardwalks and wild flowers

I shot this picture through the wire link fence. This is the first time I went with Carl and Gertie, but I don't think it will be the last time. I got around on my battery scooter while Gertie did a brisk walk. Their website is:

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  1. I've been there many times..I love watching the birds and learning their stories. Great pictures!



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