Actions According to the Phase of the Moon

I don't know if it is the phase of the moon or what, but it seems everybody was a bit tipsy today. Here is the evidence. Anna Yoder is having a laughing fit, while Bill sticks out his tongue and rolls his eyes. I greatly appreciate what all Bill does for Anna. Every morning he sees if Anna is okay and whenever she needs help carrying her laundry to the washroom he is right there. Then he gives her rides just so she can get out and be with the people. Junior Miller gives her rides too. I guess this is Pinecraft, we do look out for each other. 

Joe Fisher formerly from Geauga and Al Miller from Geauga share their own jokes.

The Pioneer Trails bus came loaded to the brim. And everybody was glad to see everybody else. Bet they were a bit tipsy from riding the bus at least 21 hours. 

Reuben Fisher, who crawls under loaded fruit trees. 

And last but not least is Atlee& Viola Miller. I think Atlee told Viola to behave herself because the first picture I took of them she was acting up. Tipsy.


  1. How nice to see a picture of Atlee and Viola! They are old, old friends of our family. Whenever I get to Pinecraft (which is not very often) I like to stop in and have a chat with them.

  2. I wish all the snow birds returning to Pinecraft a very safe trip. We in the north will keep things going until those folks return home. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon county.



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