Park Pictures #2

I hope I am alive and well after Wilma sees these pictures of herself. I honestly love shooting pictures of her as she is just Wilma, without any pretense.

The game had to stop while she received a phone call and the game resumed again after they finished talking.

I think this is a Holmes County and I sort of used to know his name but not today.

Visiting admist the Shuffleboard games. It is a part opf Pinecraft life.

Orie Yoder and Sam Hostetler meet again. Sam is a year round residence whereas Orie is a Snow Bird. And he and his wife Edith and their daughter Beth flew down on Friday. Beth stayed for a week to get her parents setled in and plans to fly home again tomorrow.

This is the opposite end of the shuffleboard. This side doesn't take the best pictures in the late afternoon because of the sun's position.

Two brothers sitting on the frog.

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