A Leisure Sunday

Today we had one of those beautiful leisure Sundays. I was out early afternoon and almost nobody was around but then Pinecraft came alive around 5 PM.

Emanuel & Clara Miller visiting with Eli & Lydia Yoder

Pedaling past was this couple. right now theior names slipped my mind.

Leon Musser visiting with Floyd Petersheim

Amos and Margaret Yoder visiting with a couple

I don't know who these children but they were skipping stones on the slow, lazy creek.

And th spoonbills came back to the park. This means the mating season and raising their young is finished and done and they are also ready to vacation.

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  1. Id like to wish everyone whose blog that i visit a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family's, and thank you for being a reader to mine. Richard from Amish Stories.



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