Book Signing at Troyer's

Since there wasn't much going on at the park and the pavilion had a birthday party in the making I decided to bike up to the corner of Bahia Vista & Kaufman and see what is going on there. As I rounded the corner at the post office I met up with this man, trying to find a spot big enough to tack up an announcement.

I observed a while then I asked his some questions. This is Orpha Jake's Rob from Holmes County or in that surrounding area. I remember being at his Mother's home years ago in Walnut Creek. And he knew of my sister Edna who rides a Harley.

Today, tomorrow and Thursday he is signing his book at Troyer's  or Dutch Heritage. (Click on the print to enlarge.) This is his first book and it has been selling well.


  1. Hello Ms. katie,
    I met you at Yoder's on the day before thanksgiving. My name is Andre, I was wondernig if there was anyway I could contact you, because I would love to keep in touch! My email is I also love the picture I got with you!
    Your friend, Andre H.

  2. I hope everyone in Pinecraft had a very nice Thanksgiving.Even though im living in a Amish community i still miss Yoders restaurant, and walking around Pinecraft in the winter. Richard



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