People Boarding or Hanging Around the Bus

Waiting for the bus to arrive back behind the Tourist Church to load up and head back north. The couple here is Wally Coblentz, or Byler or Wally something...

Ervin Raber is helping Donny Wagler load the luggage compartment.  

This is real double vision, two blues and two reds. About the only thing different about the two in red is their names. They can't both have the same name.

I think I can name all of these people: Levi, Crist, Anna Short has her back turned, Esta &Wayne Mast, David & Betty Schlabach. In the golf cart are Earl Sommers and Nelson Hostetler.

Today was a cold day and so I only made one trip outside.  


  1. I like the 2 blues and red. Almost like they planned it.

  2. Ervin Raber- from Shipshewana? He was in my grade at school. Wonder what happened, he looks like an old man! :)



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