Review of Cooking & Such

I did a review of this brand new magazine:
Cooking & Such
adventures in Plain Living.

In my opinion this magazine is a collector's item. It has 52 pages and is loaded with beautiful pictures of food and recipes to go with the pictures. Or maybe the recipes came first and the pictures followed. But the magazine is more than just recipes and food, for the subtitle says "adventures in Plain Living". So there are other stories and articles scattered within it's covers. This is a coffee table magazine, one where you read bits and pieces and lay the magazine down and come back later for more browsing and reading. But if you are a cook you will also take this magazine with you into the kitchen and try out the recipes and enjoy the food. This is a magazine for everyone in the family.


  1. I enjoy books that not only have recipes, but provide stories as well. Im with you Katie in that it sounds like a pretty good read. And its nice to have a book that the whole family can look at and enjoy. Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. What a terrific review! Can't wait to hold my first issue.



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