The First Time for Everything in Season

The first Bocca Ball game at the park for this season.

My first time for seeing dogie slings with real doggies. I never noticed that the dark haired girl has the black dog and the blond has the blond dog.
The first Checker game for the season. While these two were playing another guy came in and asked a man if he wants to also play checkers? Yes, he will play. "Okay," replied the first man, "I will go home and take a head-ache pill before we start playing." So off he biked. I don't know if he already had a head-ache or if loosing the checker game will give him a head-ache. I didn't wait around to find out.   


  1. Katie since I've just posted my last post for the year on my blog Amish Stories, i just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and to let you know I've really enjoyed stopping by your blog throughout this year. I look to see more of your great work for the new year, and merry Christmas to the town of Pinecraft a place i really enjoyed going to when i lived in Florida. Yours truly Richard

  2. Hello Katie, I tried commenting the other day on your post about Daniel and Joanna, but somehow it didn't work, so I'm trying again. I love your blog and your great pictures! You have a great dry sense of humor that is hilarious! Thanks for finding me on my blog and letting me know about yours.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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