Before the Christmas Parade

These pictures were taken before the Pinecraft Christmas Parade. The actual Christmas Parade pictures were posted on Googles+ because it was easier to download on Googles+.

Keeping the little one safe from the creek.

Racing in the sand.

Pinecraft Transportation

At the Basket Ball Court

Exercising the dog

Getting settled in for the parade

Piggy Back riding

Marvin Bontragers from Kalona

Relaxing before the parade

"Wiggling like a Fish", as one little girl put it.

Three year old taking a photo of his parents.


Tucking in...

Waiting on the parade with his candy bag.


  1. Hi Katie, it's been a while since I commented, but wanted you to know I absolutely enjoy your pictures!! I hope you have had a blessed Christmas and your New Year will bring you not only blessings from God but super opportunities for more pictures! A talent He has given you!

  2. Happy new years Katie and i look forward to seeing more of your wonderful blog for the year 2012. Richard

  3. Katie I love your blog and your pictures. I came across an article today and I was curious if they're your pictures;

    Pinecraft Amish Community

  4. I'm back for the new year Katie and i look forward to seeing all of your pictures of Pinecraft for 2012. Like I've said before your blog is as close as i can get to my favorite little Florida town. Richard

  5. These pictures are phenomenal. Just really cool and captures everything so well. Does anyone have a problem with you taking the pictures? Curious!

    1. About one person a year has a problem if I take their picture. So I tell those I won't intentionally take their pictures. All the other 2,000 people are okay with it.


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