Random Shots in Pinecraft

Ale Hostetler's Dan is a hard working man and here is the evidence. They are caretakers of three homes down here and as of yet they are too young to live here during the winter months. So every now and then they make a trip down here.

Sarasota County men working at the Phillippi Creek, with an Amish on-looker. Sometimes I am the on-looker but not today. Well just at a distance I look-on.

Junior Mary talks the talk, and walks the dog. The dog has a strange Biblical name. Is it Nebuchadnezzar? But that name doesn't ring a bell. I guess a dog's name can elude me just like human names do from one winter to the next one.

I haven't seen this kind of straw hat with a green visor in ages. I remember years ago this kind of hat was sort of the in-thing in our neighborhood.


  1. It's Mom! :) The dog's name is Shadrach. Like Meshach and Abednego. I enjoy your pictures, Katie.

  2. No wonder why I connected Nebuchadnezzar with him.Those names are all in the Book of Daniel.

  3. My Grandpa Hostetler used to wear a straw hat like that.....with the built-in green visor. That bro't back some memories for me. They lived on Clarinda...almost at Beneva back in the 60's.
    ~Carol Troyer


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