Christmas Program at Palm Grove

I took a few more pictures but I am only going to post these two. The middle aged Shepherd boy caught my eye,

and Mother Mary on the left is my great niece Leila. The taller boy is one of my school-mate's grandson. And the boy on the right is the great-great grandson of our landlord when I was a child. If I live to be 150 years old I will probably meet up with these children's great-great grandchildren. These five children are kindergarten and first graders. 

I greatly enjoyed all of the program. It was well done and that means they must have spent lots of time in practice.


  1. Here's to living to 150!! Those pictures make me happy - makes me want to go find the ones of when my daughter's school did that. She was a sheep though - but the cutest sheep there of course. ;)


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