Bill's Bike Shop

Yesterday Bill & Marie Miller (I think) came down via the Pioneer Bus and already last evening the Bike shop was in operation. They have been doing business in renting out bikes for 12 years. The price is $4.00 a day for a 3-Wheeler or if you want to rent it for a week or so, they give a bit of a discount more like $25.00 a week. Each bike is equipped with a lock and key because if the bike is stolen you pay a penalty. A couple of years ago a family member lost the key to his rented bike, so he went back to Bill asking for the spare key. Bill throws the spare keys into a five-gallon bucket and so the family member was given the five-gallon bucket and he had no other option but to try each key until the right key fitted the lock. He said he had to try about a hundred keys until he found the right one. Ever after that the relative always knew where his bike key was. I just grinned and thought Bill is a pretty smart man.  


  1. Renting a bike in Pinecraft is one of the perfect things to do, as i had done that myself a few times. And the price is right and you can see a lot more in quicker time, and work off a little for a good meal at Yoders! Richard

  2. where exactly is Miller's Bike Shop?


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