Miller Auction on Hines St

This morning I biked across Bahia Vista to see what or who is at the auction on Hines Street. So here is part of the crowd.

Two women examining a treasure, a good sized box of old quilt patterns or stencils.

A peep through the bike or tree or furniture or whatever. The man on the sofa has a big white beard but because the sun shines on it, it is almost not visible.

Time to sell the sofa with a Hide-a-Bed and so it is opened and closely examined.

Adrian or Amanda bought mattress and there is more than one mode of transportation to get it home, just tie it down on the back of the bike.

This is a very dark picture but I love the looks of the people and palm trees.

Dan Stutzman was able to be at the sale.

Both ladies us a cane, at least when they are out and about. I tried to imagine them 50-60 years ago. But they were little girls and then young teenagers and time kept moving on. Each birthday makes us a year older.

This is what you do at a sale...
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  1. I did remember some of those yard sales when id drive over to Pinecraft from my home near Orlando. But since i had very little trunk space i was not really able to buy very much, and you could get some really good buys at those! Richard

  2. Katie, these are great photos, as usual. Thanks for sharing them.



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