Pinecraft Doings

I asked Paul what he is doing? He answered, "Dig a hole."

I biked to the park and Dave is sunning himself.

On my way out of the park I met Tim and his wife walking their dogs.

On Kruppa Avenue this guy just finished using this big scraper to smooth the newly poured concrete and is in the process of washing the scraper.

Crossing the street

On the opposite side of the street from Paul David Borntrager is also digging a hole.

Earl comes along

Louie Beachy comes too and David tells them they can watch as long as they don't tell him how to do it. But if they tell him how he ought to do it, then they get the shovel and finish the job. So Louie just inspects it without saying a word.

He goes across the street and takes a look at Paul's work. Louie is not the official inspector. He is just looking... Paul is working for Freeman Beachy.

Mary Fisher and grandsons

I can't remember this man's name from last year but I think he is from Kansas and is on the Pinecraft Committee board and I think he is visiting with Sam Hostetler.

This is the present life of Pinecraft. Life is still a bit slow and easy going, but next week Pinecraft fills up for Christmas and stays full to the brim until the end of March. I love this life.


  1. I liked all the pictures and thought it funny what David said!

  2. My parents came down last week.... I always enjoy your pictures.


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