Daniel & Joanna's Lemonade Stand

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I am sorry if you get bored with these many pictures of Daniel & Joanna Overholt. The truth is I couldn't quit shooting pictures of the two, I just can't help it. Their grandma was running a yard sale today. Actually it was a multi-family yard sale. Janet the childrens' mother made a jug of Leomade and the children sold it for 50 cents for a glass full. The top picture Daniel is waiting for customers.

And it looks like a buyer is coming.

Joanna waits for customers

Both children waiting...

Daniel is nowhere in sight

and I need a drink

I can help myself

and drink all of it.

I asked if I can see their money, so Daniel is taking a few coins out of the box and Joanna thinks he shouldn't...

Both are happy, Joanna is showing the box of money while Daniel shows me a few coins.  


  1. I think this has been my favorite set of pictures so far. Its so funny that Joanna thought he shouldn't, and then she held the box up. Someday they will be adults. But for now they run their lemonade stand with all the integrity in them. And the second picture is priceless, where it looks like a customer is coming. If I saw that smile, I would go buy a glass of lemonade immediately. :)

  2. I don't carry change with me as it gets too heavy, so I asked Daniel if he will take a $1.00 bill, thinking he will give me 50 cents back. I wanted to see him count out change. But he said, "Sure, some people give me a dollar." He just stuck the dollar bill into the cash box and gave me a glass of Lemonade that slopped a bit, plus he stuck his index finger in it so he doesn't slop more out and proudly handed it to me. Maybe when he is of age he will find this entry on his Internet.

  3. Aren't little kids just so innocent and funny! Loved these pictures! (as I always do!)


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