Hay Stack Supper

This is the first group I met on my way into the park. No further comment.

Wrapping the plastic silverware with napkins.

This Hay Stack meal goes for the Haiti Benefit Auction and so they are advertising a scooter and a tractor that will be auctioned off at the sale.

It looks like Mose Yoder listens carefully when someone speaks.

Pouring the cracker crumbs into a big bowl.

Going through the food line.

Ervin Raber

Dave & Ida, Fritz & Clara, Mel & his wife - I honestly can't remember what Fritz' name is. I guess he is just Fritz.

This little guy is locking up his bike. He must have been taking his responsibility seriously about not letting his bike on the loose for fear it would get stolen. After he finally had the bike locked, he was gone for about two minutes until he came back, unlocked the bike and left again.


  1. i was baptize in 1998 in the beachy in ontario the most happy days of my entire life thank you JESUS


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