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I am sharing what I wrote in my journal this morning. This is probably the first time I ever quoted from my journal, first time to let the public even have a glimpse of it. But here goes...

"My intensive time with the PBS producers is history and I slept in this morning, but am still not finished unwinding. I so much enjoyed working with Callie, Tim and John. They were relaxed and easy going which of course made me be the same.

The whole thing or happening is a fresh reminder that I straddle more than one culture, that of the Plain People and of the media. This puts me on the edge of cultures, which is a bit unnerving and insecure. But it is also exciting and am looking forward to what else God has for me. My life is so short for I am not young anymore, but this is the time God choosen to use me to bring forth His glory whether by person; one-on-one or by the media. 

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to share my search for the Truth and my hunger after God. The emptiness of my heart for thirty years. The filling of my heart in the New Birth, by the New Birth. A little bit of Pinecraft life was included in the video because Pinecraft is a part of my life, a big part of my life. These two days of filming was not about Pinecraft. It was about me.

So I beg Pinecraft not to judge, not to chase out and condemn everybody that comes with a video camera. If God sends them to be used for His glory who are we to decide they are evil?"


  1. Thank you for sharing and bring transparent, Katie. I am honored to call you friend. Not everyone is a good bridge between two wildly different worlds, but you do it well.

  2. Amen! When will the special air? Keep us posted!

  3. Hello Kathie.

    Fear not the name of the Lord was heard and defend its values ​​you proof they come up to me here in France.
    Good luck.
    May the Lord bless all his children artisan of peace.

    I am pleased to be part of this family.

    A soon Kathie

  4. Thank you Katie. I read you everyday, on blog and pictures. I don't always comment but do enjoy you.
    Wish I had 'known' you when I was coming to Bradenton every fall.
    I surely would have tried to meet you.
    your friend from MO

  5. I enjoyed this personal glimpse. It really is true, God can not use us if we remain stuck in our ruts of our own minds.

  6. Katie I can't wait to watch this, it will be great! You have a great deal of courage and I admire you.

    Pink Hamster-good comment!



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