Sunday Song Fest at the Park

 Today I was in my glory in picture taking. It was Sunday afternoon and there was a Song Fest at the park. And the people were almost all dressed in their Sunday best. So I helped myself to photo taking. (Click on photos to enlarge)

Top picture is setting up the system and reserving a by hanging your vest on the chair.

 Three Sisters

 Family walking into the park, Sam & Lydia Troyer and their oldest son and his wife from Dover DE.

 And finding your seats.

 This boy is from Indiana. He struck up a conversation with me, asking about my parents and where I am from. He is a polite young man.

 This spot is a favorite lean to...

 And the swings were in full use most of the day.


 Walking and wandering around.

 "Really! You don't say?"
 "What do you think now?" (I am trying to imagine the flow of the conversation.)

Mervin Ebersol and his wife.

 Young couple with (I assume) their first baby.

 Time for a nap.


 Young couple with two daughters. I tried to get a shot of the baby in the Daddy's arms.

 Husband and wife.

 When the people prayed after the song fest, hats went off.


An Amish man questioning/visiting the camera guys. These two, Ken and Dave are not from Hot Snakes doing another "Breaking Amish" or "Amish Mafia". They just want the bright side of Pinecraft, the best of Pinecraft.

It appears these boys were playing "Follow the Leader".

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  1. Hello Kathie
    Our brothers and sisters Anabaptists.
    Thank you for your blog Katie.
    Here beautiful day full of life.
    May the Lord bless


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