The Annual Bean Fest

 Today was the annual Bean Fest at Birky Square. Between 300-400 people attend. They still cook fifty pounds of dry beans, spiced and flavored just right.

 I don't know how Junior's gun works but when he aims at the beans and shoot, he knows how hot the beans are or how much heat is in the kettle.

It takes two kettles to cook this amount of beans. This kettle was just on the verge of boiling.

 There is always a lot of visiting, of people coming and going. I can't remember the name of the man on the left, but I think he is one of a kind. enough so that he got in the New York Times this past year. His accent is just as southern Davies County as it can get.

 Waiting for the food line to open.

 One man's plate and...


 It was a good day to visit, get in lone for the food,

eat. This Bean Fest has been going for around 20 years. One of these years it is going to be the last one, as the founders are getting old.


  1. Hopefully a younger one will take up the call of the beans! :)

  2. The man on the bike is from Daviess County,Indiana his name is Alva(fish)Yoder

  3. Why was he in the New York Times this past year? That man is one of a kind...

  4. Have no idea, but will ask my dad if he knows.


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