My Day

 Early this morning, early for a Troyer my windows were covered one by one. I was still inside eating my breakfast when suddenly I had enough of this suffocating feeling. so I stuck my breakfast of fresh fruit in the fridge, brushed my teeth, grabbed my camera and headed out. This is the way my house looked from the outside.

 I went to the park and watched the fishing...

 and the Corn Hole games.


 After enjoying a soft pretzel with a friend, I headed back home and the undercoat was applied. 

 Amos did the second coat this afternoon by spray painting a bit at a time and brushing it in. I left for another round in Pinecraft.

And when I returned late afternoon my house looks like this. There is still the trim to be painted and the lattes skirting around the house. When everything is finished I am going to have a good looking little house.


  1. Oh my goodness Katie! It looks so different! I can't wait to see it in person in a couple weeks! The light colour is LOVELY!! It looks brand new again!

  2. It does look brand new - how adorable! No wonder you love living down there. I would, too.

  3. Love the new look canny wait to see it when its finished

  4. Very nice and cozy looking! :)


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