Elite and Pioneer Trails Buses

 I did it again, I watched the Elite bus load to go up north this morning. Last Spring after Pinecraft settled down for a long lazy summer, I reflected on the past winter and realized I hardly know the Lancaster people, nor their culture. I never will know the depth of their culture because I have never lived in Lancaster, nor am I one of them so to speak. I had a sneaking suspicious I am missing out on something worth learning to know. So I purposed that this coming winter I will hang around more when their bus comes and goes, etc. 

 Beautiful Mother and daughter.

 What you do before the bus leaves...

 This afternoon two Pioneer buses left. Sam Wickey and his wife came to see friends or relatives off. I love this couple. Sam had put a wanted ad somewhere out to the public letting the world know he wants a wife. She responded to his ad, they got married and live happily ever after. 

 This is Myron Hershberger's clan - his daughter-in-law Treva, a daughter, his wife Mary Ann and daughter Marlene, plus four grandchildren. I look forward to more visits with this family unit. 

While the two Pioneer buses were loading another of their buses came and unloaded many a person from Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. They had gone down to visit Gator Boys' Camp in Punda Gorda. Last week a bus load also went down for a tour.


  1. The lasy in light blue to the left is a Holdeman Mennonite. Can tell by the covering.


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