Ohio Reunion in Pinecraft

 Every year, every winter there are reunions at the Pinecraft Park. There are Ohio Reunions, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Iowa and some more reunions if there are enough people to make a reunion. The only Reunion that never gets planned and take place is the Reunion for the people who don't go to reunions.  Tonight it was the Ohio Reunion. It was for everyone who lives or has lived in the state of Ohio. Tonight was the first time I ever attended in the ten years I am down here. 

Here a couple is locking up their bikes. Everybody is to bring a covered dish.

 You come in and find a seat and visit until it is time to start eating the food. Every year they have a committee who plans who are the speakers and keeps things well organized. 

 There were 125 names signed in the guest book. I am roughly guessing less than 50 were singles who lost their spouse or were never married. 

Tonight I met up with this couple again. Every time they return to Pinecraft I remind them of the first time we met down here. He Nookie said, when they come down they look as white as Leghorn Hens which is almost the truth. But by the time they leave they look like Rhode Island Reds and that is also true. They came down on Friday, so they are still white like Leghorn Hens.


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