My Day of Fellowship and Food

 Today about everything I did was unexpected and not in my plans, but I greatly enjoyed my day. I was going to do laundry and did half of it. Then I got a call from my niece Leah Schrock Miller wanting to know if I want to meet and eat at Der Dutchman's? And so I spend the noon meal with Leah and Seth.

 Seth needs his nap and he probably got it on the Scat bus traveling back to Siesta Beach. She is a brave Mom in never having traveled via Scat. But after asking a few questions about how use the bus, she boarded in front of Der Dutchman's left. 

Later in the day I was invited to dinner at John & Mary Fisher's place, along with their daughter Ruthie and family.
 I think the youngest' name is Lena.

 I love the ways he wears her Crocs.

This is half of their family. 

In between these two meals I snapped at Larry and his guests.
I wish I would have taken notice if all seven were riding in the buggy at the same time.


  1. In the top photo in the background to the left, is my Uncle John Weaver, he is a bus boy at Der Dutchman! Nice Photos!

    ~Andre H

  2. John is your uncle. So is Lester and Junior Weaver too? The last two are living in my neighborhood this winter.


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