The Elite Bus from Lancaster

 This morning I decided to watch the Elite bus come in from Lancaster PA. I also knew the bus will have to unload on Yoder Street because the Tourist Mennonite church is having Bible Study in the mornings this week. I knew I would have good opportunities to shoot pictures. 

 This couple was just walking through the Lancaster crowd to get to where they wanted to go.

 I had to move to a different location because I was parked in a private drive when another car wanted to park there. The man who is renting that house had a peeved edge to his voice when he told us to move out of the way, so I gladly jumped out of his reach. I just don't hang around peeved people.
So now I got the backside of the crowd.

 The Elite came and had to unload right in the middle of the street in order to give the passengers enough space to crawl off the bus. They gladly crawled off.

 More people meeting the bus.

 This couple looked like a honey-moon couple. 

 Out of the crowd came this family,

 walking toward me, smiling. They were loaded down with luggage but everyone carried or pulled their share. Just imagining what all they look forward to doing made me appreciate Pinecraft as a place where they can stay and be among their own people.

 They came walking and went walking out of my sight.

 This man had never been to Pinecraft, so this is his first trip.

 These women came right behind, so I imagine one of them is his wife.

 Another young couple got off the bus.

Two women biking and gabbing away. 


  1. Love it, Katie, especially since I grew up in PA, close to Lancaster. Looks like home. :-)

  2. Katie, I am really enjoying your blog. I'm visiting Sarasota at the end of February and will definitely put this lovely place on my destination list. Thank you for posting this and keep up the good work. Pinecraft and Katie Troyer are both one of a kind.


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