Bus Run to Siesta Beach

 This morning was the first Scat bus run from Pinecraft to Siesta Beach. Here are the first two passengers waiting on the bus. It was a cloudy, foggy morning with a promise of fun in the sun in the high 70's.

 A few more passengers, although I am not sure Ernie got on the bus but he is studying the schedule and map.

 Amos Lapp and Norm Kauffmann waiting on that first run to see how it goes. But the bus didn't come...
Finally Norm did some calling around.

 Freeman Beachy explaining to another man how this bus is scheduled to run.

 But the bus did arrive and picked up the waiting passengers.

 And off they go to enjoy the beach.

 And, well, how did it go?


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    1. Thank you. I checked out your blog and you have been everywhere as John Schmid's song goes. It looks like you have Holmes County Roots, same as I do.

  2. Siesta Beach is an awesome place. You are very lucky to live there. Hope to retire there someday.
    Take lots of pics and post them.


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