Pinecraft Perservation Project

 Today is Monday, which means a Pinecraft Meeting at 2 PM. These first few pictures are interaction before the meeting was called to order. Norm, Fred and Christy Miller.

 Larry Hostetler and Norm


 Norm and Orley Miller

 David Swartzentruber, Fred Hershberger & Amos Lapp

Hans Weaver and Emma Ruth gave the presentation. Niles wasn't here.

Fred opened the meeting
The names of The Steering Committee. Not all were present.

 The Sub-committees: Setbacks & Zoning
    Park Management

 Sub-committees: Safety & Transportation,
Commercial Operations

The Goshen Team

We were each given a sheet like this to fill out with one of these answers. These answers combined will determine what the Pinecraft people want. Tomorrow the Steering Committee will meet with the Sarasota County Officials. 
 Hans Weaver and Emma Ruth did an excellent job of carefully going over and explaining each of the above 25 proposals. 
 Open for discussion and questions with Amos Lapp and Fred Hershberger,

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