Every Day is Bus Day

Every day is Bus Day in Pinecraft, which means buses with passengers come or go six days a week from January through March. Today I watched the Pioneer Trails leave. They left with 49 passengers and tomorrow 49 passengers are expected to come in on another Pioneer Trails. This time of the year Pinecraft pretty well holds its own, keeps it weight balanced. (Well more or less.)

 Siblings going home.

 Followed by Mother. I didn't get a photo of Daddy as a big object came between him and my view. 

 Ervin Mullet with one of his daughters.

 The two on the left are brothers, Harvey & Marvin Shrock. The two on the right are husband & wife, at least I am assuming they are. They had better be, but I don't know who they are. Nor did I figure out the man in the middle.

 I have no clue...

 I just love looking over the crowd.

And so do these women, looking over the crowd.


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