Public Meeting in Pinecraft

 Every Monday at 2 o'clock there has been a public meeting. Today the meeting was in the Tourist Mennonite Church. This photo is visiting before the meeting. These men are all on the Steering Committee, except John Henry Whetstone.

 Marvin Miller with Hans. Marvin owns the Miller's Bike Shop north of Bahia Vista on Kaufman Ave.

 John Miller who also deals with bikes.

 Niles and Hans

 Tim Miller opened the meeting.

 Whatever he said brought grins from the left...

 and the right.

 Norm Kauffmann introduces each of the Goshen College student.

 Each of the students took their turns in presenting the draft of the plan to preserve Pinecraft. Niles talked about Safety and Transportation.

 Hans had Comercial Operations: Preservation Proposals

 And Bike Rentals

 Henry Detweiler had the podium for a bit.

 So did Fred Hershberger...

 David A Swartzentruber more or less finished the meeting.

 Emma Ruth also had her subjects to present but I didn't get a photo of her. After the presentations the meeting was open for questions and answers. I greatly appreciated the openness of this meeting.


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