Catfish Benefit Supper

 Tonight there was a Benefit Supper with the main menu being Catfish. Catfish is something you can't do ahead of time, so the fish fryers are just waiting around until the Cowboy Stew is finished stewing.

 Ready and waiting.

 Breading or coating the Catfish. They were preparing enough fish for 1500 people.

 The extra gas tanks.

 Levi Esh deep frying fish. A meal like this takes a lot of team work for things to run smoothly. 
 The waiting line was half an hour long.

 Bikes were lined up on both sides all the way out all the way out to Fry. The parking lot was full of vehicles and the people kept coming and coming...

 Sam Troyer taking care of the trash. I doubt he was the only man, as one person could never keep ahead of the trash.

 More bikes

 and more people. Dave& Lee and Friends were the musicians tonight. 

 A Cook out like this creates a lot of trash. But as soon as the people had all eaten and were satisfied, the workers turned around and clean up. This is just the way you do.

 All of these pics are from the backside of the pavilion. The crowd was huge. Very seldom does one Supper feed 1200+ people, but that is what we had tonight. This is the busiest time of the year and it was a perfect evening weather wise for this event.

After dark.


  1. Just curious as to where does the money go to these benefits? Is for Pinecraft? Or foreign countries? I am just curious.

    1. This Benefit Supper goes for the upkeep of Pinecraft. Every year we have at least one Benefit Supper for Pinecraft. A few Benefit Suppers went to cover the expenses for the Haiti Benefit Auction. In a week from now there is going to be one for Gator Boys' Camp. These are just a few local places we support by having these suppers. The peoples' attitude is: We have to buy food anyways, so let's at the Park and help out.

  2. I think that is a great attitude.



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