Rumspringa in Pinecraft

I never did any Rumspringa when I was a teenager. Tonight was my chance being it was Saturday night and a number of seniors decided to Rumspring and I was invited to join them. So tonight in my old age I started Rumspringa. 

 This sweet old man didn't go a Rumspringa but he said his brother will. The brother should be in this crowd but I don't know who is who.

 I think Wayne Miller from Indiana has the fanciest Rumspring Buggy. 

 Elmer Glick from Pennsylvania took his Lancaster Doch Vegla, with two or three women.

 Fred Helmuth from Illinois Rumspringed on his big tractor.

 Randy Schrock a local guy took this little scooter. There wasn't enough room for his girl so she followed on the golf cart. 

 Another mode of Saturday night Rumspringa. 

 Larry Yoder from Illinois took family members Rumspringa with the solar buggy.

 Ernie Bontrager with a video photographer.

David Swartzentruber and Tom Mullet from Ohio took the lead tonight. Whoever takes the lead goes where ever they want to go and the rest follow.

 Joe and Mattie

 The Coblentz clan and their spouses. They are having a family vacation in Sarasota.
 Illinois fans who don't want to Rumspring.

Robert Yoder is showing us how cold it is. He wears a stocking cap on the head and stockings on his feet. His white beard sways gently in the fresh air. 

It was a fun evening and I am glad I waited to do my Rumspringa until I am old and a bit wiser than a teenager.


  1. I got such a chuckle out of this post! Rumspringa indeed! :)

  2. Very nice collection

  3. I love this post! Wish I could have been there! Truly there is no place like Pinecraft! =)


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