Going Home

 I saw this group of people sort of through the bushes, so I sort pulled up behind them. This shot was taken just seconds before I was spotted.

 I knew this family doesn't care how many pictures I take, so I took my time. They were ready and waiting on the van that was going to take them home. Like normal, you pack up and be ready ahead of schedule so you can savor that last hour with family and friends who come by to say their "Good-byes". 
 Olin, sitting with his grandparents.

 And then the van came. The youngest one carries the hat.

 The older of the two little boys is loaded down with a backpack and a booster seat.

 Stepping up and in.

 Packing and repacking to get everything in this container/

 More "Goodbyes".

And the final "Good-Byes".

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  1. Katie,
    You really should consider becoming a private detective.


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