Real Pinecraft Tourists

 You don't have to be an Englisher to be a Pinecraft Tourist. I haven't figured out how Katie Coblentz Hostetler knows Fritz from Indiana. Maybe she is just squeezing information out of Fritz.

 All you need is a camera. I covered Lyd's face, just because... She will thank me for it.

 Or four cameras all aiming at the same object. This time it was the Amish Solar Buggy coming into the Park. Lyd Coblentz Kauffman and her brother-in-law Eli Hostetler.

 It really was a jolly gang of tourist. Some of them I have known for 18 years.

I am playing the Mennonite Game. Anyway Lyd Coblentz Kauffman's Mother is  visiting with her son-in-law Mike Kauffman's aunt. 


  1. I was wonder if you know Elmer and Anna Lapp? The got there on February 4th. They came from New York State.


    1. I don't think I know Elmer and Anna Lapp, but maybe if you would tell me more about them I might know.


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