Public Meeting in Pinecraft

 Waiting for more people to arrive at the Pinecraft Meeting which is every Monday at 2pm. Norn Kauffmann, Amos Stoltzfus and Roman Schlabach. 

And more people arrived at both sides of the table and a few more.

I want to see if I still remember what was said about the present and perhaps future layout of Pinecraft. The blue on the left is Dutchman's how they want to expand in the future on the land they own.  The red strip in the middle might be the commercial area for small shops etc. facing Bahia Vista. The green is Pinecraft, whereas the purple is named Old Pinecraft because the home lots are much smaller. The yellow is present day Pinecraft north of Bahia Vista and what they thinking is of adding north of the creek. The northern boundary is the railroad, the west boundary is at Lockwood Ridge Road, the east boundary is Beneva.

Next week's meeting they want to have a power point presentation on this subject and get the im-put of homeowners/shop owners in Pinecraft.


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