Yoder's Pie Day

Thanksgiving is the biggest Pie Day in Sarasota, maybe elsewhere too. Yoder's Restaurant made 7,000 pies for Thanksgiving. After the rains in the morning I spent some time hanging around and getting some photos of all the activities. 

 Waiting in line.

 Nelson & Steve

 There is always a monkey in the group.

 Creme Pies made on demand. This is the assembly line. 

 Chocolate Creme Pies

 Nelson with food to be stuck in the oven.

 Morris & Katie Gingerich and another lady biking in for a meal in the restaurant.

 Joe Troyer & Amber Hershberger are employees at Yoder's.
 Pumpkin Pie ear rings made by Amber.

 Waiting for something or coming up for some fresh air.

 Katie with red shirt walked miles in carrying fruit pies to be sold and then returning the empty crates to be refilled with more pie.

 I love this caring for the elderly when they are out and about.

 A bit of a slow-down just befoore the 5 o'clock rush hour.

 Todd and Mary Lou Emrich, the second generation of the founders of Yoder's Restaurant.

 Something is funny. Laughter is good for the soul.

 Going for supper.

 The dog came up and said Hi!

The End 
of the day
except for clean 


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