Open House @ Yoder's Gift Shop

Yesterday was "Open House" at Yoder's Gift Shop. There were four tables on the porch, with lots of people coming and going. Here are some of the photos Nancy Ebersol Good took of my camera. 

 Old recycled lumber put to good use.

 Pamela Sherrod Ministries, here is her website.

 Dillon Koehn's website can be found here. His artistic skills are amazing.

 Sarah Ann and Ivan Miller from Charm Ohio browse around. 

Click on her name to take you to her website. I love clicking on it just to hear the horse's hoofs make contact with the gravel roads.
 Pamela and Nancy

 Joe is a returning costumer. A year ago he was at the Open House and bought a 2014 Pinecraft calendar and he stopped in yesterday for a new calendar. 

 Visiting with Lena Kropf from out east, well on the other side of I-75.

 Nadine & Mandy, both work at Yoder's. 

 Signing a calendar for Mandy. Growing up in Mississippi she has her southern accent and hospitality. She might loose a bit of her accent but not her hospitality.

 Joyce - her story can be found here.
Charlene Koehn and Christy. His name is Christian but is knows as Christy.

Mattie Diener from Indiana. I learned to know her a year ago, although she has been coming down for years.

Trouble makers is about all I am going to say.

Sweet Fannie Beachy, who lives just down the street from Yoder's backside.

We heard the roar of a motorcycle and here comes Mike and Ruby Sommers.

Charlene and Ruby, both are employed at Der Dutchman's.

Kelly is the main manager at the Gift Shop. I love working with her.


  1. Sweet Fannie Beachy is my mothers cousin, and she was married to my father's uncle from Kokamo,Indiana. I have been to her place although it's been years ago now. Also Charlene Koehn is my husbands second cousin. "It's a small world after all."


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